Web accessibility means that people with disabilities and those who cannot use a mouse to have access to the information contained on the Web. For example, blind people using technical devices (refreshable Braille display) and appropriate software (screen-to-speech software) can interpret the information contained on web pages. Web accessibility also makes Internet browsing easier for people with reduced mobility.

Accessibility improvements on this site

Some work has been undertaken in compliance with the Québec government standards on web accessibility This hyperlink will open in a new window., in particular the Standard sur l’accessibilité des sites Web (SGQRI 008 2.0) This hyperlink will open in a new window.. The implementation of the modifications will be by phases.

Thus, efforts will be concentrated first on the accessibility of the informational Web pages. To make transactional Web pages accessible, a significant redesign of the applications will be necessary. It is therefore not possible at this time to indicate when these pages will comply with the accessibility standards. However, some elements of these pages may contain accessible elements.

Changes implemented to make this site accessible will be optimized for the use of the Internet Explorer Web browser.

Assistance offered

From now until this site fully complies with the accessibility standards, people experiencing navigation difficulties on this site may contact Customer Service whose contact information appears on the Contact us page.

Tools used to validate accessibility

Here are the main tools that were used to evaluate the accessibility of this site:

  • Web Accessibility Toolbar v.1.2 by Accessible Information Solutions (AIS);
  • Wave Firefox Toolbar v1.1.8;
  • Scolarius This hyperlink will open in a new window. Readability Analyser;
  • Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) v.2012.1 (freeware).

Icons used on this site and meaning

  • Indicator displayed next to a hyperlink to indicate that it opens in a new window and leads to an external site.  - Indicator displayed next to a hyperlink to indicate that it opens in a new window and leads to an external site.
  • Symbole utilisé pour fournir une explication supplémentaire sur un terme, un acronyme ou une expression.  - Symbol used to provide an additional explanation of a term, an acronym or an expression.