Internet Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the website of the Registry of Lobbyists.

Identity protection

The Lobbyists Registrar of the Registry of lobbyists informs you of the following:

  • no permanent cookies will be stored on the hard drives of online users;
  • the temporary cookies that are used will not serve to record personal information, but rather to facilitate their browsing on the site. Most Web browsers are designed to accept cookies; however, it is possible to change the settings to refuse those cookies;
  • no personal information is collected without a prior consent of the user;
  • secured electronic services made available have an encryption mode which guarantees the confidentiality of the exchanges of personal information.

Information transmitted automatically

When you access the website of the Registry of Lobbyists, an exchange of information is carried out automatically between your computer and the servers of the register’s website. This information does not provide the means to identify you personally (i.e. the name of the user and email address).

The following information is exchanged:

  • the Internet domain and IP address of the computer through which a user accesses our site (the IP address is the number automatically assigned to a computer by an Internet access provider each time the user browses the Web);
  • the type of browser and operating system used to access our site;
  • the date and time you accessed our site;
  • the pages you visited;
  • the address of the referring website.

For the holders of a user account, the following information is added:

  • the type of equipment used (computer, phone, tablet, etc.);
  • the type of processor (32-bit or 64-bit);
  • the software version of Java and Adobe Reader.

While necessary, because of the technological demands inherent to Internet browsing, this information is used particularly to transmit to you a file compatible with your computer equipment or in order to speed up the resolution of your technical problems. Moreover, the Lobbyists Registrar uses the required information to keep record of data, including:

  • the number of visitors and visits;
  • the technology employed by users;
  • the visiting figures of the pages;
  • the referring websites;
  • the country of origin of Internet users.

Privacy of personal information

The Lobbyists Registrar is aware of the users concerns about the website in reference to the protection of the personal information which is transmitted. Consequently, security measures have been implemented to ensure the protection and privacy of the users.

Transmission of personal information on the site of the Registry of lobbyists

The personal information that circulates through the electronic services of the Registry of lobbyists is secured by means of the TLS protocol (Transport Layer Security) and the Entrust software package, in order to ensure the privacy of the information.

In addition, the Lobbyists Registrar has put safety measures in place on the physical administrative and technical aspects ─ in order to protect the privacy and the integrity of the information which was transmitted ─ to avoid the loss, the destruction, the consultation, the communication, the reproduction, the use or unauthorised modification as well as the theft, and this, regardless of the medium on which they are kept and the place where they are located.

Nevertheless, in order to not compromise the privacy of personal information, you must only:

  • declare the personal information requested by the Lobbyists Registrar;
  • mention the personal information in the provided sections of the form for publication purpose.

When you use some of our online services, the Lobbyists Registrar must make sure of your identity by asking you some personal information. This information is necessary to the Lobbyists Registrar in order to:

  • confirm the identity of the user during their contacts;
  • process the request while possessing the accurate information;
  • ensure the privacy of the information of the user.

The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information which is communicated to the Lobbyists Registrar pertaining to the creation of the user’s file. If the data contained, in said file, are proven to be inaccurate or outdated, the user must notify the Lobbyists Registrar, as quickly as possible, in order to prevent unauthorized access to that information.

It is important to note that the transactional services that provide access to confidential information are accessible only by means of a user name, a password and, in some cases, by a secret question or a digitally signed certificate.

Therefore, the user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password as well as his secret questions and answers to those questions. The Lobbyists Registrar cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized use of one’s private password as well as the secret questions and the answers of those questions. In the event that one’s privacy would come to be compromised, the user must inform the Lobbyists Registrar, as quickly as possible, in order to avoid a fraudulent use of one’s identity.

Transmission of personal information by email

Any personal or otherwise confidential information, transmitted by email using the address is not protected during its transmission. The Lobbyists Registrar will not assume any liability for damages that you may incur if you transmit such information.

If you voluntarily communicate this information via email, the Lobbyists Registrar will use only the required information to answer your message.

Communicating Information to the Lobbyists Commissioner

Information you provide to the office of the Lobbyists Registrar may be shared with the Lobbyists Commissioner of Québec pursuant to the requirements of the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Links to other sites

The website of the Registry of Lobbyists puts at the disposal of users links to sites by other firms or organizations. These links are provided only for the convenience of users. The linked sites are then presented on a new webpage. It is to be noted that the exchanges of information are then no longer subject to this privacy policy, but rather to the policy of those linked sites, when applicable.

The links with other websites do not have binding responsibilities to the Lobbyists Registrar and do not indicate that the Lobbyists Registrar approves the content of these websites or websites accessible through their intermediary.

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